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Table 1 Anti-NS1 monoclonal antibodies isotype, epitope and reactivity to DENV1–4 NS1. Isotype, epitope type and iELISA results of six anti-NS1 DENV-4 monoclonal antibodies

From: Development and characterization of serotype-specific monoclonal antibodies against the dengue virus-4 (DENV-4) non-structural protein (NS1)

MAb Isotype Epitope iELISA (reactivity of MAbs to recombinant flavivirus NS1)
rNS1 DENV1 rNS1 DENV2 rNS1 DENV3 rNS1 DENV4 rNS1 WNV rNS1 YFV SUMO SUMO*-NS1 fusion protein
10H8F7 IgG2b/K Linear + +
4B6C10 IgG2b/K Linear + +
3H7A9 IgG2b/K Linear + +
8A6F2 IgG2b/K Linear + +
10H10B5 IgG2b/K Linear + +
6D4B10 IgG2b/K Linear + +
  1. rNS1 recombinant non-structural protein 1
  2. DENV dengue viruses
  3. SUMO small-ubiquitin-like modifier
  4. YFV yellow fever virus
  5. WNV West Nile virus
  6. Bold text are the MAbs that were reactive to rNS1 DENV-4