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Table 2 The recombinant virus strains and the recombination regions

From: The prevalent status and genetic diversity of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in China: a molecular epidemiological perspective

No. Recombinant strains Major parent Minor parent Recombination regions Virulence Reference
1 JL580a NADC30a HP-PRRSV (09HEN1) Nsp2, Nsp3~Nsp7, ORF2a~ORF4 Highly Pathogenic [23]
2 FJ1402a NADC30a HP-PRRSV (GD) Nsp2~Nsp3, Nsp12~ORF3 Highly Pathogenic [47]
3 HENAN-HEBa 15HEN1a HP-PRRSV (JXA1) Nsp2   [48]
4 TJnh1501a CHsx1401a TJbd14-1b Nsp2 intermediate virulence [49]
5 FJW05a JXA1-P80b FJZ03a Nsp1-ORF5 Highly Pathogenic [50]
6 FJXS15a [51]
7 HNhxa HENAN-HEBa HP-PRRSV (JXA1) Nsp4~Nsp9   [46]
8 HNyc15a 15SC3a CH-1a/VR2332 ORF2~ORF4   [52]
9 HENAN-XINXa NADC30a VR-2332 Nsp2~Nsp5   [48]
10 Chsx1401a HENAN-XINXa VR-2332 Nsp11 intermediate virulence [49]
11 SY0909 HP-PRRSV (JXA1) NT0801 Nsp12~ORF5   This study
12 GDsg QYYZ JXA1-P80b Nsp9~Nsp11   [82]
13 GM2 QYYZ RespPRRS MLVb Nsp7~Nsp11   [54]
14 HB-1(sh)/2002 HB-1/3.9c CH-1a ORF2a~ORF4   This study
15 HNjz15 / / / intermediate virulence [55]
  1. a” means NADC30 or NADC30-like virus strains. “b” indicates modified live vaccine strains or vaccine derivative strain. The recombination events were detected by RDP4 program using seven different algorithms (RDP, GeneConv, BootScan, MaxChi, Chimera, SiScanm and 3Seq)