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Fig. 1

From: The prevalent status and genetic diversity of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in China: a molecular epidemiological perspective

Fig. 1

The phylogenetic analysis based on ORF5 genes from 127 reference virus strains of PRRSV-2. The unrooted phylogenetic tree was constructed using the distanced-based neighbor-joining method in MEGA6.0 with bootstrap values (1000 replicates). The PRRSV-2 circulating in China were clustered into four lineages. Lineage 8 is predominant in 1996-2016 in China and could be further subdivided into five subgroups. Lineage 1 spreads rapidly since 2013 in China. The lineages are according to previous report. The circles () indicate the representative virus strains of each lineage in China. The triangles (▲) mean the attenuated live vaccine strains or vaccine derivatives. The squares (■) represent two transition virus strains

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