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Fig. 1

From: Development of a novel Newcastle disease virus (NDV) neutralization test based on recombinant NDV expressing enhanced green fluorescent protein

Fig. 1

Construction of the full-length clone rLS1. Three fragments covering the entire NDV genome were assembled by successive ligation into the modified pCI/−SnaBI plasmid. Fragments-1 and -2 were chemically synthetized, whereas, fragment-3 was excised from pNDV-PE18 plasmid. Fragment-1 contains the hammerhead ribozyme (HHRz) at the 5′-end, the leader sequence, and N, P and partial M genes. Fragment-2 contains the partial M, F, HN and partial L genes, the trailer sequence and the hepatitis delta virus ribozyme (HDVRz). Fragment-3 contains the remaining portion of the L gene. Cross out restriction sites SnaBI and BbvCI indicate that these sites were destroyed with regard to their original sequences

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