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Fig. 1

From: The nonstructural proteins of Pneumoviruses are remarkably distinct in substrate diversity and specificity

Fig. 1

Reduction of the steady-state levels of specific ISGs by RSV NS proteins. These experiments are detailed in Methods, and representative results are shown. Briefly, Tet-inducible, stably transfected FLAG-tagged ISG cells were transiently transfected with the indicated FLAG-NS1 and -NS2 plasmids, as shown. The cells were induced with Tet (Tet +), while control cultures remained uninduced (Tet -). Immunoblotting was performed to quantify the FLAG-NS proteins and residual FLAG-ISG proteins. The immunoblot (panel a), and a bar graph of the ISG band intensities on the blot, expressed as percent of the ‘no-NS’ amount (panel b), are shown. GAPDH served as internal control, to which the ISG intensities were normalized for the plot. In panel b, for all ISGs, bar 1 means NS1 only, bar 2 means NS2 only, bar 3 means both NS1 and NS2 were transfected. Each bar is average of three measurements with the standard deviation shown

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