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Fig. 1

From: HPV11 E6 mutation by overexpression of APOBEC3A and effects of interferon-ω on APOBEC3s and HPV11 E6 expression in HPV11.HaCaT cells

Fig. 1

Establishment of APOBEC3A overexpression in HPV11.HaCaT cells (A3A-HPV11.HaCaT). Subcellular localization of APOBEC3A (A3A) in HaCaT, HPV11.HaCaT and A3A-HPV11.HaCaT cells (a). Cells were cultured for 24 h prior to fixation and permeabilization. Cells were stained for A3A (green fluorescence) and with DAPI to identify nuclei (blue fluorescence). In the merged panels, white arrows indicate representative cells with increased A3A protein that was allowed to enter in the nuclei. Expression and subcellular distribution of A3A protein in HaCaT (a), HPV11.HaCaT (b) and A3A-HPV11.HaCaT (c) cells. Western blot analysis for A3A expression in HaCaT, HPV11.HaCaT and A3A-HPV11.HaCaT lysates (b). HaCaT, HPV11.HaCaT and A3A-HPV11.HaCaT cells were cultured for 24 h. Lane 1: HaCaT cells; lane 2: A3A-HPV11.HaCaT cells; lane 3: HPV11.HaCaT cells

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