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Table 1 VP1 gene nucleotide sequences of the HEV71 strains used to generate the EV71 phylogenetic dendrogram

From: A comparative study of multiple clinical enterovirus 71 isolates and evaluation of cross protection of inactivated vaccine strain FY-23 K-B in vitro

Strain GenBank No. Strain GenBank No.
JN200803 JF913464 03KOR00 DQ341356
JN200804 HQ825317 06KOR00 DQ341355
Zhejiang08 EU864507 BrCr U22521
F1CHN00 AB115490 6910OK87 AF135901
SHZH98 AF302996 Nagoya AB059813
6FAUS699 AF376107 3799SIN98 DQ341354a
7FAUS699 DQ341357 MY1049SAR97 DQ341368
1MAUS1200 DQ341361 S19841SAR03 AY258310
S100862SAR98 AF376080 PP37MAL01 DQ341365
SB2864SAR00 DQ341366 MS742387 U22522
CA16 G10 U05876