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Table 1 Analysis of amino acid mutations in epitopes domains of field strains and the CV777 vaccine strain (aa 498–637, aa 747–754, aa 763–770)

From: Detection and phylogenetic analyses of spike genes in porcine epidemic diarrhea virus strains circulating in China in 2016–2017

Strains 499 520 523 524 545 565 566 569 597 604 611 629 637 766 767 769
CV777 I A G H D S K D G F S T Q P L D
CH/HN7/2016   S        S     E   S S
CH/HNXJ/2017 T V D       S     E L S S
CH/HNCD/2017 T S        S     E   P S
CH/HNHB/2017   S      N   S L    E   S S
CH/XJKT/2016 T V        S     E L S S
CH/HNLB/2017 T   D R    V V S     E   S S
CH/HNPJ/2017 T    L      S     E   S S
CH/GSTS/2016   S    S     S   G I E   S S
CH/SXXY/2017   S        S     E   S S
CH/HNXY/2017 T S   R    N   S     E   S S
CH/HNZZ47/2016   S     F    S     V   S S