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Table 1 Patient/client specific clinical and virological characteristics of anti-HDV antibody positives (n = 26) and those with HDV full genome sequenced (n = 6)

From: Clade homogeneity and low rate of delta virus despite hyperendemicity of hepatitis B virus in Ethiopia

Study groups Lab. Code Age/sex Virological characteristics Clinical characteristics
Anti-HCV HIV status HBV viral load HBeAg HBV genotype HDV viral load HDV genotype
HIV co-infected ETH3790 34/M Neg Pos 3.62 Neg a A1 9.67 × 10 6 I WHO stage I
ETH2170 36/F Pos Pos Un Pos 2.27 × 10 5 I WHO stage IV
ETH2280 33/M Neg Pos Un Neg 7.08 × 10 7 I WHO stage I
ETH1480 37/F Neg Pos 2.72 Neg D2 WHO stage II
ETH1570 57/F Neg Pos 8.93 Neg A1 WHO stage I
ETH4500 30/F Pos Pos 3.08 Neg D4 WHO stage II
ETH1470 31/M Pos Pos 0.48 Neg WHO stage I
ETH2590 38/F Neg Pos Un Neg WHO stage I
ETH2570 46/M Neg Pos Un Neg WHO stage I
ETH2150 49/F Neg Pos Un Neg WHO stage I
CLD patients ETH4060 60/M Neg Neg 6.34 Neg A1 3.01 × 10 5 I Liver cirrhosis
ETH4100 33/M Neg Neg 3.15 Neg A1 2.28 × 10 5 I HCC
ETH3020 21/F Neg Pos 6.90 Pos A1  
ETH3700 25/M Neg Neg 7.60 Pos A1 Liver ascites + cirrhosisa
ETH4070 23/M Neg Neg 4.04 Neg D3  
ETH5730 45/M Neg Neg 4.47 Neg D2 Chronic hepatitisb
ETH3080 38/F Neg Neg 0.60 Nd Chronic hepatitisc
ETH3120 64/M Neg Neg 6.81 Pos A1  
ETH3190 45/M Neg Neg 1.56 Neg Chronic hepatitisd
ETH3320 52/M Neg Neg 1.00 Nd Liver cirrhosisa
ETH3360 22/M Neg Neg 0.78 Neg  
ETH4390 27/M Pos Neg 2.01 Neg  
ETH4380 28/M Pos Neg Un Neg 2.41 × 102 Chronic hepatitise
Blood donors ETH2056 47/M Neg Neg 8.39 Neg D2 6.55 × 10 5 I
ETH5660 55/M Neg Neg 0.78 Nega
ETH5650 38/M Pos Neg Un Nd
  1. Highlighted in bold rows indicate study subjects of their HDV isolate was sequenced. WHO World Health Organization HIV infection disease staging, aBoth HBeAg and HBeAb tests showed non-reactive, bComplicated with schistosomiasis and Hookworm infections, cComplicated with H.pylori infections, dDiagnosed for hepatosplenic and hepatosplenomegaly associated schistosomiasis, e Complicated with Ascaris, Hookworm and P.falciparum infections. Note: Chronic liver disease (CLD) patients with no specified clinical characteristics were classified as ‘undefined’ liver sign and symptoms. Un-undetected. Nd-not done (insufficient sample). HCC-Hepatocellular carcinoma