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Table 2 Specific sites analysis of two H13N8 virus proteins

From: Characteristics of influenza H13N8 subtype virus firstly isolated from Qinghai Lake Region, China

Protein Mutation sites (aa) Viruses Possible function
A/Environment/Qinghai Lake/013/2012 A/Environment/Qinghai Lake/166/2012
HA T135 V V V Receptor binding specificity relative 130 bp
T136S S S
V186 N V V Human receptor binding preference of H13 subtype
E190D E E Human receptor binding preference
Q226L Q Q Human receptor binding shift of H2,3,5 subtypes
G228S S S
  PAISNR↓GLF PAISNR↓GLF HA cleavage site
PB2 E627K E E Mammalian adaption mutations
D701N D D
M1 N30D D D Increase pathogenicity of H5N1 to mice
T215A A A
M2 S31 N S S Adamantine resistance mutation
NA E119V E E Neuraminidase inhibitor resistance mutation
R292K R R
R152V R R
H274Y H H
  1. *specific sites related to virus pathogenicity, virulence which have been published by other studies