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Table 1 Total number of small RNAs reads from PVY-N, PVY-NTN, PVY-O strains mapped to their respective Potato virus Y genome

From: The effects of potato virus Y-derived virus small interfering RNAs of three biologically distinct strains on potato (Solanum tuberosum) transcriptome

S.No sRNA library Reference genome Total no. of reads aligned Unique vsiRNAs Mapped
1 PVY-N PVY-N (AY884983.1) 3,504,410 37,453
2 PVY-NTN PVY-NTN (FJ204166) 4,397,244 38,053
3 PVY-O PVY-O (HQ912895.1) 3,277,411 32,086
  1. Virus-derived small interfering RNAs (vsiRNAs) derived from three small RNA (sRNA) independent libraries of Potato virus Y (PVY) strains, tobacco veinal-necrotic strain (PVY-N), necrosis tuber-necrotic strain (PVY-NTN) and ordinary strain (PVY-O) in potato cv. Russet Burbank were mapped to their respective reference genome using Bowtie v 1.1.0, allowing for perfect matches only