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Fig. 2

From: Maternal antibodies protect offspring from severe influenza infection and do not lead to detectable interference with subsequent offspring immunization

Fig. 2

Active immunization protect juvenile mice against lethal influenza challenge. a Mice produce detectable antibody responses when immunized at 3 weeks of age; Pups were immunized at either 1, 2 or 3 weeks of age, or 6 weeks as adult control, and blood samples were tested for homologous H1 HA A/California/07/09 antibodies 3 weeks later in an IgG ELISA assay. b Immunization of 3 week old pups with 3 μg per HA in the trivalent Inflexal vaccine. Pups were immunized at 3 weeks of age and subsequently challenged with H1N1 A/Netherlands/602/09, a strain homologous to the H1 strain included in the vaccine. Mice were daily weighed and observed for clinical symptoms for 3 weeks. One day prior to challenge, at age 7 weeks, blood samples were taken and analyzed for recHA A/California/07/09 binding antibodies in an IgG ELISA assay (left graph). ***p < 0.001

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