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Fig. 5

From: Arsenic trioxide inhibits EBV reactivation and promotes cell death in EBV-positive lymphoma cells

Fig. 5

EBV lytic proteins were ubiquitined and sumoylated in response to ATO treatment and this effect was rescued using proteasome and SUMO inhibitors in EBV latency type I Mutu cells. a 1 nM of ATO induced SUMO1 expression. b Co-IP with antibodies against Zta and western blotting using antibodies against ubiquitin. c MG132 at various concentrations (0.1 μM – 5 μM for 16 h) rescued EBV spontaneous reactivation that was reduced in response to 1 nM of ATO. d Proteasome (MG132) & SUMO1 (Ginkgolic Acid, GA) inhibitors rescued the reduction in EBV reactivation in response to ATO. Cells were treated with 1 nM of ATO for 3 days and with/without MG132 or GA at indicated concentrations (μM) for 4 h. e 1 nM ATO inhibited the anti-IgM-, PMA-, and TGF-β-induced EBV reactivation and MG132 (1 μM for 16 h) abrogated this effect

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