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Fig. 2

From: Preliminary study of the UL55 gene based on infectious Chinese virulent duck enteritis virus bacterial artificial chromosome clone

Fig. 2

Identification of the rescued DEV CHv-BAC-G in DEF cells. a Identification of rescued DEV CHv-BAC-G. repA, sopB, EGFP and US2 were amplified by primers in table 1 and 2 using rescued DEV CHv-BAC-G as template; +:Amplicons of repA, sopB, EGFP and US2 using pBAC-DEV plasmid as template for positive control; -: Amplicons of repA, sopB, EGFP and US2 using DEF cell DNA as template for negative control. b Identification of reconstituted DEV CHv-BAC-G by IFA. Polyclonal rabbit anti-TK IgG was taken as primary antibody for detecting of TK protein. A-D: mock infected- DEF cells; I-L: DEV CHv-BAC-G infected cells; E-H: DEV CHv infected cells

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