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Fig. 1

From: Preliminary study of the UL55 gene based on infectious Chinese virulent duck enteritis virus bacterial artificial chromosome clone

Fig. 1

Identification of recombinant DEV CHv BAC colonies. a Purification and enrichment of BAC-recombinant virus. A: The 3rd passage of BAC-recombinant DEV after infection. B-I: Purification and enrichment of BAC-recombinant DEV by eight round of fluorescence plaque selection. b Orientation analysis of pBAC-DEV digested b EcoR I. c Real Gel analysis of pBAC-DEV digested by EcoR I. d Identification of pBAC-DEV. Lane 1–14: PCR product of DEV genes in table 2; Lane 15–17: PCR product of inserting exogenous gene EGFP, repA and sopB

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