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Fig. 2

From: Proof-of-concept study: profile of circulating microRNAs in Bovine serum harvested during acute and persistent FMDV infection

Fig. 2

Differentially expressed miRNAs in response to FMDV infection. The expression patterns of 169 distinct bovine miRNAs was evaluated in serum harvested during three distinct phases of FMDV infection: a acute (viremic) b convalescent “non-carrier” and c persistently infected “carrier”. Expression levels were compared against serum from uninfected controls and are plotted onto volcano plots with the fold change in expression on the X-axis and the degree of reproducibility between replicates (p-value) on the Y-axis. Circles: miRNAs with unchanged expression, down-regulated expression (green), and up-regulated expression (red). miRNAs with significantly regulated expression (fold-change >1.5 and p-value of <0.05 [or greater than 1.25 by the –log10]) are plotted above the horizontal lines indicated on the volcano plots

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