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Fig. 5

From: A mutant Tat protein inhibits infection of human cells by strains from diverse HIV-1 subtypes

Fig. 5

NB-mCh inhibits virus replication of all the HIV-1 strains tested in TZM-bl cells. TZM-bl cell lines expressing NB-mCh or mCh or NT were infected with each HIV-1 strain; a HIV-1NL4–3 (subtype B), b HIV-1ZAC (subtype C), c HIV-1ELI (subtype D) and d. HIV-1MAL (recombinant A/D subtype). After 3 and 5 days infection, culture supernatant was assayed for HIV-1 CA by ELISA. The experiment was performed in triplicate and mean values and standard deviations are shown from two independent experiments

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