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Table 2 Reference aquabirnavirus strains used

From: Molecular characterization of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus strains isolated from the three types of salmonids farmed in Chile

Strain Geographical origin Host Genogroup Serotype GenBank accession N°
WB Maine, USA Trout 1 A1 AF342727
Sp Denmark Trout 5 A2 AF342728
Ab Denmark Trout 2 A3 AF342729
He Germany Pike 6 A4 AF342730
Te England Tellina 3 A5 AF342731
C1 Canada Trout 3 A6 AF342732
C2 Canada Trout 4 A7 AF342733
C3 Canada Arctic char 4 A8 AF342734
Jasper Canada Trout 1 A9 AF342735
YTAV Japan Yellowtail 7   AY283781