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Table 1 Accession codes of N genes or S RNAs used for multiple alignments

From: Development of a microarray for simultaneous detection and differentiation of different tospoviruses that are serologically related to Tomato spotted wilt virus

Species Abbreviation Isolate/Country Accession code
Alstroemeria necrotic streak virus ANSV Original/Colombia GQ478668
Chrysanthemum stem necrosis virus CSNV Original/Brazil AF067068
Groundnut ringspot virus GRSV Cb/Brazil AF251271
Impatiens necrotic spot virus INSV J/Japan AB109100
Melon severe mosaic virus MeSMV VE440/Mexico EU275149
Pepper necrotic spot virus PNSV T2/Peru HE584762
Tomato chlorotic spot virus TCSV 10-10-14/USA KP172480
Tomato spotted wilt virus TSWV Ordinary/Japan AB010997
Zucchini lethal chlorosis virus ZLCV Original/Brazil AF067069
  1. aItalic typing represents official species and standard typing represents tentative species