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Table 2 Molecular determinants of virulence, host specificity and drug resistance in Moroccan H9N2 isolates

From: First outbreaks and phylogenetic analyses of avian influenza H9N2 viruses isolated from poultry flocks in Morocco

Protein Molecular determinants of virulence Molecular determinants of host specificity (adaptation to mammals) Molecular determinants of drug resistance Miscellaneous
PB2 147 V, 504 V 318R, 590S, 661 T   
PB1   13P   
PB1-F2 66 N 82 L   Truncated protein of 52 aa
PA 127 V, L550, 672 L I100, R312, 409 N   
PA-X     Full length 252 amino acids
HAa   158 N, 183H, 226 L, 391 K   Cleavage site: RSSRGL*F
Glycosylation sites:
29NSTE, 82NPSC, 105NGTC, 141NVTY, 298 NSTM, 305NISK, 492NGTY
NP   372D   
NA    None No stalk deletion
M1   15I   
M2   D16 31 N (amantadane resistance)  
NS1 42S, 189D    No 80–84 deletion and GSEV PL motif
NS2 31 M, 56H    
  1. aH3 numbering