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Table 1 Clinical scoring system

From: Bovine coronavirus in naturally and experimentally exposed calves; viral shedding and the potential for transmission

Score Respiratory rate (breaths/min) Fever Cough Nasal discharge Demeanor Fecal consistency
0 ≤49 ≤39,5 No cough observed Normal Bright, alert Normal
1 50–54 39,6–39,9 Sporadic cough Serous or mucous Mildly depressed Pasty
2 55–64 40–40,4 More than one sporadic cough every 10 min of observation Mucopurulent or purulent Moderately depressed Runny
3 65–74 >40,5 Severely depressed Watery
4 75–85 Runny or watery with blood
  1. The score from each category was added to give a daily clinical score for each of the calves in the experiment