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Table 1 Amino acid substitutions associated with the resistance to different direct-acting antiviral agents

From: The role of HCV proteins on treatment outcomes

HCV protein targets DAAs Pattern of mutations
NS3/4A Boceprevir V36M/Aa, T54A/V/Sa, V55Aa, R155K/Ta, A156T/S/Va, V158I, D168N, V/I170A/T/L, L/M175L
Telapevir V36G/L/M/Aa, T54A/V/Sa, S122A/G/R, R155K/Ta, A156T/S/Va, D168A/H/T/V
Simeprevir V36M, F43S, Q80K a, S122A/R, R155T/Ka, A156T/V, D168Q/A/H/T/V/Ea, V/I170A/T/L
NS5A Daclatasvir M28V/A/T, Q30R/E/H, L31F/V/Ma, Q54H/N/Y, H58D, Q62R/E, A92K/T, Y93H/N/Ca
Ledipasvir M28T, Q30R/H, L31V, Y93H/C
NS5B Sofosbuvir S282T, I434M, T179A, M289L, I293L, M434T, H479P, L159F/L320F
  1. aAmino acid substitution represents the significant mutations that are clearly associated with reduced the response to treatment
  2. DAAs direct-acting antiviral agents. Bolded amino acid substitutions indicate mutations frequently found to confer resistance to DAAs. Q80K for genotype 1a; D168Q for genotype 3; Y93H for genotype 1b; S282T for genotypes 1a, 1b, and 2a. Adapted from reviews [144, 145, 148, 149, 157]