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Fig. 3

From: Glycoside hydrolase family 32 is present in Bacillus subtilis phages

Fig. 3

3D model of the enzyme GH32 from Bacillus phage SP10 and molecular docking of levantriose into the active site. a Cartoon view of the N- and C-domains of the GH32 enzyme from Bacillus phage SP10 are represented in green and cyan, respectively. Residues of the catalytic triad (D19, D150 and E198) are shown in stick representation. b Electrostatic potential surface representation of the active site with docked levantriose. The −1, −2 and +1 subsites are occupied by the reducing, nonreducing andfructose 3 moities, respectively. Negative and positive charges are shown in red and blue, respectively. c The interactions between amino acid residues in the active site and the levantriose molecule (in cyan). Hydrogen bonds are shown as black dotted lines. Images were generated using PyMol (

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