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Fig. 6

From: Expression of chicken interleukin-2 by a highly virulent strain of Newcastle disease virus leads to decreased systemic viral load but does not significantly affect mortality in chickens

Fig. 6

Photomicrographs illustrating immunohistochemistry (IHC) for NDV NP (first column of panels) and IL-2 (second column of panels) on sections of eyelids. Tissues were harvested from 4-week-old White Leghorn chickens infected with rZJ1-IL2 (a-d) and rZJ1-GFP (e, f) at day 5 pi. Alkaline phosphatase method and hematoxylin counterstain. At low magnification, in the eyelids of rZJ1-IL2-infected birds, the same areas that are immunolabeled for NDV NP are also positive for chicken IL-2 (dotted circles). At higher magnification, scattered cells in consecutive sections are immunolabeled for both NDV NP and IL-2 (arrows). No signal for IL-2 is observed in sections of eyelids from rZJ1-GFP-infected animals (f)

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