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Fig. 2

From: Patient-derived hepatitis C virus inhibits CD4+ but not CD8+ T lymphocyte proliferation in primary T cells

Fig. 2

Quantification of lymphoid cell apoptosis by annexin-PE/7-AAD flow cytometry assay. a Graphical representation of degree of apoptosis detected in PHA-treated lymphoid cell cultures and exposed to NP, NHP 1–3 or CHC 1–3. Bars indicate the percentage of total cells in each phase of apoptosis. Graphs present data from triplicate experiments and are shown as mean ± SEM at 1, 4, 7 and 10 d.p.i. Bars with diagonal lines represent viable cells, checkered bars, early apoptotic cells, bars with horizontal lines, late apoptotic cells and vertical lines, necrotic cells. b Flow cytometric determination of stage of apoptosis and percentage of T cells in cultures exposed to NP, NHP or HCV at 10 d.p.i. after staining with annexin-PE and 7-AAD. Each quadrant represents a different phase of apoptosis: lower left (LL), viable cells; lower right (LR), early apoptotic cells; upper right (UR), late apoptotic cells and upper left (UL), necrotic cells. Numbers indicate percentages of cells in each quadrant

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