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Figure 1

From: Drug susceptibility to etravirine and darunavir among Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1-derived pseudoviruses in treatment-experienced patients with HIV/AIDS in South Korea

Figure 1

Comparison of IC 50 against three PIs (amprenavir, indinavir, and darunavir) and two NNRTIs (etravirine and efavirenz) for nine treatment-experienced patient-derived recombinant pseudoviruses based on simultaneous measurement of drug susceptibility. Each color indicates the following antiretroviral drugs: blue (amprenavir), green (indinavir), brown (darunavir), gray (efavirenz), and orange (etravirine). Each experiment was repeated three times. (a) pNL4-3, WT; (b) KRB8067; (c) KRC2065; (d) KRB5018; (e) KRC2092; (f) KRB4025; (g) KRB8014; (h) KRC3221; (i) KRC0064; (j) KRC4543.

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