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Figure 2

From: Detection of new genetic variants of Betacoronaviruses in Endemic Frugivorous Bats of Madagascar

Figure 2

Bayesian phylogenetic tree generated using 993 nucleotides of the RdRp gene sequences of Malagasy bat CoVs and reference strains of CoVs group. Major viral genera are shown. Strains detected in this study are marked with an*. Posterior probabilities superior to 0.9 are indicated by a dot, other posterior probabilities are indicated in decimal form to the right of each node, and some have been left off for clarity. The scale bar is expressed in years. The inset figure shows the partial phylogeny of the highlighted region of the Betacoronavirus subgroup, including additional reference sequences and with a total alignment length of 329 nucleotides. Techniques used for generating each phylogenetic representation were identical, as detailed in the materials and methods section.

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