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Table 3 qPCR confirmation of altered gene expression detected by microarray

From: Differential regulation of cytotoxicity pathway discriminating between HIV, HCV mono- and co-infection identified by transcriptome profiling of PBMCs

Gene symbol KEGG pathways the validated genes involved Group comparison Fold change by microarray Fold change by qPCR
IL6 Cytokine- cytokine receptor interaction; HIF-1 signaling; FOXO signaling; PI3K-Akt signaling; Toll-like receptor signaling HIVvsHH 5.1 4.8
IL6 HIVvsCTR 4.6 3.5
CXCR4 Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction; Chemokine signaling; Endocytosis; Axon guidance; Leukocyte transendothelial migration HCVvsCTR −1.5 −2.5
TAOK1 MAPK signaling pathway HCVvsHH −2.0 −3.7
TAOK1 HIVvsHH −2.2 −2.3
EGR2 Hepatitis B; HTLV-I infection; Viral carcinogenesis HCVvsHH 8.8 10.2
EGR2 HIVvsHH 8.8 9.3
PPP3CB MAPK signaling; WNT signaling; Apoptosis; Calcium signaling HHvsCTR 1.8 1.4
WNT7A WNT signaling; Hedgehog signaling; Hippo signaling; HTLV-I infection HCVvsHH 2.1 2.6
DUSP2 MAPK signaling pathway HCVvsHH 2.6 2.8
DUSP2 HIVvsHH 2.1 2.7
DUSP2 HCVvsCTR 2.5 3.2
MCM2 DNA replication; Cell cycle HCVvsHH −1.5 −2.9
MCM2 HIVvsHCV 1.5 1.9
GZMB NK cell mediated cytotoxicity; Regulation of actin cytoskeleton; Transcriptional misregulation in cancer; Autoimmune thyroid disease HCVvsHH −2.4 −3.1
GZMB HIVvsHH −1.5 −2.0
GZMB HIVvsHCV 1.6 1.6
KLRD1 NK cell mediated cytotoxicity pathway; Antigen processing and presentation; Graft-versus-host disease HCVvsHH −2.2 −2.9
KLRD1 HIVvsHH −1.3 −1.5
KLRD1 HIVvsHCV 1.6 2.0
WEE1 Cell cycle HIVvsHCV 1.3 1.9
SESN1 p53 signaling HIVvsHH 1.6 2.1
  1. Fold change by qPCR was obtained from the mean expressions of the tested genes in each group. All values represent fold changes between expression levels of the first group versus expression levels of the second group. Minus sign indicates down-regulation in the first group whereas positive sign indicates up-regulation in the first group. Housekeeping gene GAPDH was used as an internal control and the normalizer in qPCR.
  2. Genes in Italic font indicate the core genes detected by GSEA.