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Table 1 Cleavge site motif in Swedish IBV strains

From: Bioinformatics and evolutionary insight on the spike glycoprotein gene of QX-like and Massachusetts strains of infectious bronchitis virus

Strian Type Cleavage site sequence motif
CK/SWE/242/95 Massachusetts 535Aln-Gly-His-Ser-Ile539
CK/SWE/748/95 Massachusetts 535 Aln-Gly-His-Ser-Ile539
CK/SWE/423/97 Massachusetts 535 Leu-Arg-Arg-Ser-Ile539
CK/SWE/1096/97 Massachusetts 535 Leu-Arg-Arg-Ser-Ile539
CK/SWE/062545/09 QX-like 535 Ser-His-Arg-Thr-Arg539
CK/SWE/062561/09 QX-like 535 Ser-His-Arg-Thr-Arg539
CK/SWE/079692/10 QX-like 535 Ser-Gln-Arg-Arg-Arg539
CK/SWE/082066/10 QX-like 535 Ser-Gln-Arg-Arg-Arg539
  1. Cleavage site at amino acid position 537 =
  2. Amino acid abbreviations: Aln = alanine, Gly = glycine, His = histidine, Ser = serine.
  3. Ile = Isoleucine, Thr = threonine, Arg = arginine, Gln = glutamine.