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Archived Comments for: Topical vitamin A treatment of recalcitrant common warts

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  1. Insufficient evidence

    Laura Kasman, Med. Univ. of South Carolina

    30 March 2012

    In my opinion, this report lacks some critical pieces of information:
    1) Histological or molecular evidence that the lesions pictured are in fact warts and contain human papillomavirus
    2) Independent chemical analysis verifying that the natural oil product used to treat the lesions in fact contained vitamin A, how much vitamin A it contained, and what other substances it also contained
    3) Controls for other compounds the lesions came in contact with during the course of the 7 month treatment. New hand soaps or lotions for example, that were not combined with previous treatments. This would best be controlled for with additional cases.
    4) Additional cases. Spontaneous remission of HPV lesions, if that is what these were, is frequent and well documented.

    That prior OTC wart treatments were unsuccessful, and that untreated lesions disappeared along with the treated ones would seem to favor the conclusion that these lesions were not warts and they spontaneously regressed.

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