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Figure 10

From: Peptide inhibition of human cytomegalovirus infection

Figure 10

Comparison of HSV-1 gB-1 inhibitory peptide and HCMV gB inhibitory peptides. Of the seven HSV-1 gB-1 inhibitory peptides (346-360, 436-450, 496-510, 501-515, 576-590, 636-650, 681-6950) [50', three peptides (346-360, 436-450, 636-650) are both inhibitory and WWIHS score-positive. Two overlapping inhibitory peptides (496-510 and 501-515) are not in WWIHS score-positive sequences, but the analogous sequence in HCMV is WWIHS score-positive. The most potent inhibitors of HCMV infection are all in domain II (174-200, 233-263, 264-291, 297-315). HSV-1 inhibitory peptide gB64 (346-360) corresponds to this region of HCMV gB.

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