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Figure 2

From: GM-CSF and IL-2 as adjuvant enhance the immune effect of protein vaccine against foot-and-mouth disease

Figure 2

Western blot analysis of recombinant protein expressed in BL21. Recombinant proteins were purified and analyzed by Western blot. In Western blot analysis, guinea pig anti- BoIL-2 sera, guinea pig anti-BoGM-CSF sera and bovine FMDV positive sera were respectively used as the primary antibodies, and the expressions of recombinant proteins were all detected with one specific target band, respectively. (Lane M: Low molecular weight standard protein marker, Lane 1: BoGM-CSF, Lane 2:BoIL-2/VP1, Lane 3: control, Lane 4: BoIL-2/GM-CSF/VP1, Lane 5: VP1, Lane 6: BoIL-2, Lane 7: BoGM-CSF/VP1).

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