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Figure 1

From: Human platelets express CAR with localization at the sites of intercellular interaction

Figure 1

Visualization of CAR on human platelets' surface. CAR expression was tested on normal human platelets as well as positive and negative controls (CAR-positive (HeLa) and CAR-negative (CHO) cell lines). A, B, C, E) fluorescence microscopy, D - light microscopy. All cells were stained for CAR using rabbit H-300 polyclonal anti-CAR and goat anti-rabbit IgG F(ab')2 Texas Red- secondary antibodies as detailed above. A) CAR-positive Hela cells stained for CAR. B) CAR-negative (CHO) cells stained for CAR. C) human platelets stained for CAR. D, E) light view and fluorescent view (respectively) of the same sample of human platelets.

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