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Figure 5

From: Lassa hemorrhagic fever in a late term pregnancy from northern sierra leone with a positive maternal outcome: case report

Figure 5

Serum cytokine levels analyzed by multiplex Flow Cytometry. Data generated with a Human 11-Plex Inflammatory Cytokine kit was quantified with Flow Cytomix Pro software, and plotted on linear scales. G-1442 presented with elevated levels of TNF-β(A.), IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, and notably IFN-γ(B.), all of which decreased by the next day, following initial treatment with ribavirin (day 7, arrow). Cytokine levels were also measured in normal Sierra Leonean controls, for comparison (LS004, LS022). Significant changes in the cytokine profile were not noted following delivery of a stillbirth fetus (day 13, arrow).

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