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Table 3 Amino acid sites associated with virulence to mammals in Egyptian avian and human isolates

From: Genetic drift evolution under vaccination pressure among H5N1 Egyptian isolates

H5 Numbering    Egyptian Isolates  
  Residue Human n = 94 Isolates in the current study Sequences of Egyptian avian isolates in the GenBank Reference
    F7 F8 F9 F10 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010  
        n = 37 n = 78 n = 82 n = 74 n = 44  
86 Vv/A, I, P, S, T A90/S2/T2 2A A A A A A77/V1 A79/S2/V1 A69/V5 A42/S1/T1 [32]
124 Sv/N, D D88/N6 D D D D D 36/N 1 D63/N14/H1 D67/N15 D72/N2 D42/N2 [32]
138 Lv, Nv/Q, H, I Q Q Q Q Q Y Y72/H6 Q80/H1/K1 Q72/H2 Q42/H1/K1 [32]
156 Tv/Sv/A A93/T1 A A A T A A77/V1 A66/T16 A51/T23 A27/T17 [3234]
212 Ev/Rv/K K93/Q1 K K K K K K K81/T1 K70/R4 K [32]
263 Tv/A T T T T T T T T81/A1 T T [32]
  1. Numerical superscripts denote the number of isolates that possess the specified amino acid residue.
  2. V superscript denotes a residue that has been found to be associated with an increase in the virulence of H5N1 to mammals.