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Table 2 Comparative representation of the distribution of haemagglutinin epitopes that showed variation among avian and human H5N1 Egyptian isolates

From: Genetic drift evolution under vaccination pressure among H5N1 Egyptian isolates

  110 115 117 119 121 122 124 126 127 129 130 136 152
F7 H Q I K S W D E A Δ G P K
F8 H Q I K S W D E A Δ G P K
F9 H Q I K S W D E A S G P K
F10 R Q I K S W D E A L G P K
2006 H Q I K S W D36/N1 E A S G P K
2007 H71/R7 Q77/K1 I76/F2 K72/N6 S77/C1 W D63/N14/H1 E A75/T3 S66/L66 G P K
2008 H32/R50 Q81/H1 I75/F7 K80/R2 S80/P1/Y1 W D67/N15 E A S66/L16 G81/R1 P77/Q3/S2 K
2009 H50/R24 Q69/K5 I67/F4/T3 R73/S1 S73/Y1 W D72/N2 E A Δ36/L22/S16 G P72/Q2 K70/E4
2010 H27/R17 Q34/K10 I43/T1 K S W43/C1 D42/N2 E43/G1 A Δ26/L18 G P K39/E4/G1
Human H93/R1 Q I K S W D88/N6 E93/G1 A93/T1 Δ50/L1/S43 G P K92/Q2
  139 140 141 144 147 174 178 181 30 257 263 278
F7 G R S F V V I P Q V T C
F8 G R S F V V I P Q V T C
F9 G R S F V V I P Q V T C
F10 G G P Y V V I P Q V T C
2006 G G S35/A2 F V V I P Q V T C
2007 G R59/K8/G7 I3/S1 S64/P14 F71/Y7 V76/M2 V77/I1 I P Q V T C
2008 G G47/R34/E1 P49/S30/T2/L1 F32/Y50 V80/M2 V80/I2 I81/V1 P81/T1 Q80/K2 V T81/A1 C
2009 G R51/G20/E1 I1/S1 S46/P23/T2/L3 F51/Y23 V V69/I5 I P73/S1 Q V73/I1 T C73/F1
2010 G43/R1 S28/P10/L5/T1 S28/P10/L5/T1 F28/Y16 V V42/I2 I P Q V T C
Human G R91/G2/K1 S91/P3 F93/Y1 V V92/I2 I P Q V T C
  86 101 105 151 154 155 156 158 159 161 163 185 192
F7 A L L T D N A P T K S T Q
F8 A L L T D N A P T K S T Q
F9 A L L I N N A P T K S A H
F10 A L L I N N T P T K S E K
2006 A L L I D34/N3 N A P T K S A Q
2007 A77/V1 L77/M1 L77/F1 T6/I72 D65/N10/G2/B1 N A77/V1 P T K S A Q
2008 A79/S2/V1 L L81/S1 T4/I77/V1 D62/N16/G3/E1 N81/T1 A66/T16 P T K76/E5/T1 S77/N2/T2/R1 A72/E7/T3 Q68/K14
2009 L69/V5 L L T36/I30/L4/V4 D43/N30/G1 N71/S2/D1 A51/T23 P T69/L3/I2 K73/R1 S73/N1 A52/E20/T2 Q47/K21/H6
2010 L42/S1/T1 L43/M1 L T28/I16 N32/D12 N43/D1 A27/T17 P43/L1 T39/L5 K S39/N5 A28/E12/T3/V1 Q27/K17
Human A90/S2/T2 L L T50/I44 D61/N29/G3/E1 N93/S1 A93/T1 P T K S A88/E3/T3 Q89/H4/K1
  197 198 199 210 212 226 43 47 66 71 72 75 83 244 249
F7 Y I S V K M N V M L N E I N A
F8 Y I S V K M N V M L N E I N A
F9 Y I S V K M D V M L N E I N A
F10 Y I S V K V D V M P N E I N A
2006 Y I S V K M35/I2 D V M L N E I N A
2007 Y77/Q1 I S V K M46/V7/I25 D72/N6 V77/M1 M77/L1 L77/H1 N72/D6 E I77/V1 N A
2008 Y I S80/P1 V76/I6 K80/T1 M23/V49/I10 D78/N4 V M L73/P5/F4 N E81/K1 I N A
2009 Y I S V K70/R4 M43/V23/I8 D38/N36 V M L55/P19 N E I68/T4/S2 N73/D1 A
2010 Y I43/V1 S V43/A1 K M27/V17 D17/N26/S1 V M L32/P12 N E I39/T5 N A43/V1
Human Y I S V93/I1 K93/Q1 M90/V1/I3 D44/N50 V93/M1 M L N E I N A
  1. *: Egyptian; avian strain from tested (F7-F10) and published sequences in the flu database from 2006-2010 as well as Egyptian human published sequences (2006-2010).
  2. Epitopes allocation were determined previously by Duvvuri et al [16].
  3. Δ: Deletion,
  4. Superscripts denote the number of isolates that possess the specified amino acid residue.
  5. Avian isolates: 2006: n=37, 2007: n=78, 2008: n=82, 2009:n=74, 2010:n=44 Human isolates: n=94.