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Table 1 Identification of the 3 biallelic IL-10 promoter polymorphisms by PCR amplification and restriction enzyme digest

From: Interleukin-10 promoter polymorphism predicts initial response of chronic hepatitis B to interferon alfa

IL-10 promoter polymorphism (from transcription initiation site)

-592 (A/C)

-819 (T/C)

-1082 (G/A)

PCR primers

5' cct agg tca cag tga cgt gg 3'

5' ggt gag cac tac ctg act agc 3'

5' tca ttc tat gtg ctg gag atg g 3'

5' tgg ggg aag tgg gta aga gt 3'

5' ctc gct gca acc caa ctg gc 3'

5' ctc gct gca acc caa ctg gc 3'

PCR product size (bp)




Restriction enzyme

Rsa 1



Digest interpretation

Cuts the rarer A allele to generate 176- and 236-bp fragments

Cuts the more common C allele to generate242- and 141-bp fragments

direct sequencing