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Figure 3

From: Down-regulation of IRES containing 5'UTR of HCV genotype 3a using siRNAs

Figure 3

Silencing effect of HCV 3a genes-specific siRNAs in Huh-7 cells infected with HCV 3a sera. After 24 hrs post plating, Huh-7 cells were transfected with siRNAs against HCV-3a genes alone and incubated. Next day, cells were washed 5 times with 1XPBS and incubation was continued for additional 48 hrs. Cells were harvested and HCV RNA levels were quantified by Real Time PCR. A) Effect of 5'UTR specific siRNAs against HCV. B) On 3rd day of infection cells were harvested and protein was subjected to SDS PAGE and expression levels were determined by Western blot analysis. In the figure Normal serum infected cells (Nser), HCV-3a serum infected cells (Ser3a), Cells infected with scrambled siRNA (Sc), Gene specific-siRNA against 5'UTR. Data are expressed as mean percent viral load of non-siRNA treated samples. Three independent experiments with triplicate determinations were performed. Error bars indicate, mean S.D p < 0.05 verses S3a.

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