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Figure 2

From: Down-regulation of IRES containing 5'UTR of HCV genotype 3a using siRNAs

Figure 2

HCV-3a 5'UTR-specific siRNA inhibit GFP protein expression. A) Silencing effect of HCV-3a 5'UTR- siRNA on 5'UTR-GFP tagged protein. GFP fluorescence was observed under illumination with 360-400 nm light that excites GFP fluorescence (20× magnification) with and without siRNA tranfected Huh-7 cells. B) Silencing of HCV-3a 5'UTR-GFP gene by siRNAs using GFP specific antibodies show reduction at protein expression level. The protein expression levels were determined by Western blot analysis after 24 and 48 hrs transfection with mock (M), HCV 3a 5'UTR expression plasmid (U), with and without HCV 3a siRNAs (Usi170, Usi212 and Usi272) and scramble siRNA (Sc) in Huh-7 cells. Protein levels for GAPDH gene are also shown as internal control.

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