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Table 1 Comparison between local and reported envelope gene sequences.

From: Positional effect of phosphorylation sites 266 and 267 in the cytoplasmic domain of the E2 protein of hepatitis C virus 3a genotype: Interferon Resistance analysis via Sequence Alignment

EU 399722 3a PAKISTAN 100%
NC_009824 NZL1 3a JAPAN 1484/1632(90%)
D17763 NZL1 3a JAPAN 1484/1632(90%)
AY958007 UKN3A4 3a UK 1475/1631(90%)
AY958005 UKN3A4-2 3a UK 1472/1631(90%)
AY958014 UKN3A4-38 3a UK 1470/1631(89%)
AY958012 UKN3A4-36 3a UK 1470/1631(88%)
AY958010 UKN3A4-34 3a UK 1469/1631(88%)
AY957994 UKN3A2-5 3a UK 1472/1631(88%)
DQ430819 TN78-0 3a USA 1452/1632(87%)
DQ437509 4523a 3a CHINA 1454/1631(87%)