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Table 4 Sites in hemagglutinin under differential selection between isolates from North American swine and the pandemic 2009

From: Positive selection on hemagglutinin and neuraminidase genes of H1N1 influenza viruses

Position1 P-value Amino acid polymorphism2
   North American swine Pandemic 2009
31T 0.00512 N196 N1879/D8/X3/S1
32T 0.00222 L196 L1795/I94/X2
34BT 0.00190 E196 E1886/G2/X2/K1
39 0.00266 G196 G1887/E3/R1
48B 0.00008 A196 A1879/X6/T3/V1/P1/S1
154BT 0.00719 K195/R1 K1885/E2/X2/N1/T1
189B 0.00876 Q192/E3/L1 Q1891
197 0.00014 A192/T3/S1 A1851/T23/S17
203 0.00519 S178/T17/P1 T1341/S542/X7/A1
205B 0.00828 K166/R20/T8/Q2 R1852/K32/G2/X2/T1
207B 0.00286 N144/S43/Y5/D4 S1891
223BR 0.00199 Q196 Q1858/R18/X15
232 0.00890 T196 T1887/A1/I1/K1/X1
263B 0.00231 S196 S1889/F1/P1
304 0.00468 P196 P1875/S15/X1
306B 0.00929 Y196 Y1888/H3
374 0.00001 G183/R13 E1608/K275/G8
411T 0.00062 V196 V1839/I51/X1
427T 0.00159 V196 V1886/I5
434T 0.00550 T196 T1885/N4/X2
458T 0.00687 K196 K1885/N3/R2/E1
478T 0.00558 S196 S1889/G1/N1
479T 0.00355 V180/I16 V1891
530T 0.00409 L196 L1889/G1/X1
547T 0.00645 I195/-1 I1847/-22/K8/V5/T4/T3/C1/X1
  1. 1In this column, B indicates that the site lies in the B-cell antigenic regions [18]. T indicates that the site lies in the T-cell antigenic regions [19]. R indicates that it is a receptor-binding site [11]. We use the same numbering strategy as Deem and Pan [18] and start numbering from the amino acids DTLC.
  2. 2In these columns, capital letters stand for amino acids and numbers following them indicate the number of times they occur in the alignment. X indicates codons that are not translated properly.