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Table 2 Reference FMDV strains selected from GenBank

From: Isolation, identification and complete genome sequence analysis of a strain of foot-and-mouth disease virus serotype Asia1 from pigs in southwest of China

Genbank Accession no. Strain Species of origin Country and year of isolation Genbank Accession no. Strain Species of origin Country and year of isolation
FJ906802 WHN/CHA/06 porcine China, 2006 EF187273 HB/CHA/05 bovine China, 2005
EF149009 JS/CHA/05 bovine China, 2005 EF187272 QH/CHA/05 bovine China, 2005
AY593797 3kimron/61 bovine Israel, 1963 EF185303 BJ/CHA/05 bovine China, 2005
EF457988 AFG/03 bovine Afghanistan, 2003 EU091347 MYA/06 bovine China, 2006
DQ533483 ZB/CHA/58 bovine China, 1958 EU667461 LAO/3/98 bovine Laos, 1998
EF149010 HNK/CHA/05 bovine Hong Kong, 2005 FJ785294 IND/147/04 bovine India, 2004
NC004915 India/72 bovine India, 1972 FJ785235 HKN/3/05 bovine Hong Kong, 2005
AY687333 IND/321/01 bovine India, 2001 FJ785259 NKR/2/07 bovine South Korea,2007
AY390432 YNBS/58 bovine China, 1958 FJ785283 VIT/8/06 bovine Viet Nam, 2005
AY593795 PAK/1/54 bovine Pakistan, 1954 FJ785284 VIT/1/06 bovine Viet Nam, 2005
AY593800 LEB/83 ? Lebanon, 1983 DQ101238 India/04 bovine India,2004
FJ785252 MOG/05 bovine Mongolia, 2005 EU667460 Laos/96 bovine Laos, 1996
FJ785240 HKN/8/05 bovine Hong Kong, 2005 FJ785268 Pry/RUS/05 bovine Russia,2005
FJ785229 CAM/5/97 bovine Cambodia, 1997 FJ785267 Kha/RUS/05 bovine Russia, 2005
FJ785290 VIT/4/06 water buffalo Viet Nam, 2005 FJ785266 PAK/22/05 bovine Pakistan, 2005
DQ101242 India/02 bovine Afghanistan, 2001 FJ785228 CAM/9/80 ? Cambodia, 1980
FJ785227 AFG/3//01 bovine Afghanistan, 2001 FJ785249 KRG/2/04 ? Kyrgyzstan, 2004
FJ785246 IRN/30/04 ? Iran, 2004 DQ121116 IND/80 ? India,1980
FJ785258 MYA/1/05 ? Myanmar,2005 DQ121117 India/81 ? India, 1981
FJ785277 UZB/2003 ? Uzbekistan, 2003 AF308157 O/TW/97 porcine Taiwan, 2002
DQ121401 Russia/05 ? Russia, 2005 AY317098 O/HKN/02 ? Hong Kong, 2002
EF185304 GS/CHA/05 bovine China, 2005 AY312589 O/SKR/02 porcine South Korea,2002
  1. a Eleven completely sequenced FMDV strains are indicated in boldface.
  2. b Question mark (?) indicates that data is inadequate.
  3. cAll the reference strains, except O/TW/97, O/HKN/02, and O/SKR/02, are FMDV serotype Asia1.