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Archived Comments for: Isolation, identification and complete genome sequence analysis of a strain of foot-and-mouth disease virus serotype Asia1 from pigs in southwest of China

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  1. The modified description for FMD serotype Asia1 epidemic situation

    Xin Yang, Sichuan University

    31 August 2012

    There was an inappropriate description for the epidemic situation of Asia1 FMDV in China (the first sentence of the second paragraph in Background of the paper "FMD serotype Asia1 has been epidemic in China for more than 50 years" ) . The truth is that the first serotype Aisa1 FMDV of China was isolated in 1958. After that, there was no reports about the Asia 1 FMDV untill the year of 2005. So we modified the sentence to "In China, the first FMDV serotype Asia1 was isolated in 1958 ".

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