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Figure 4

From: Short distance movement of genomic negative strands in a host and nonhost for Sugarcane mosaic virus (SCMV)

Figure 4

Negative strands short distance movement of P1/HC-Pro cistrons and virions long distance movement. (A) RT-PCR reactions showing either the presence or absence of the negative amplified strands of SCMV-VER1 and SCMV-CAM6 in maize (L3 and L5) and sugarcane (L1 and L3), in the inoculated and systemic leaves, respectively. SCMV-susceptible (SL2) maize lines were tested, as well as a maize host (RL) and the sugarcane (SC) nonhost resistant to SCMV-VER1. (B) Electron micrographs of SCMV virions extracted from the stem of susceptible maize lines showing the expected size and aspect. The particles were negatively stained with 3% PTA pH 6.89. Bar = 2 um.

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