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Table 2 Genetic differences between uncloned and biologically-cloned TAHV

From: Tahyna virus genetics, infectivity, and immunogenicity in mice and monkeys

  Nucleotide (amino acid) substitution in indicated segment
Virus S M L
TAHV/58/CZ-cl(2)a No changes T1073A (F338I) T673C
   A1097G (N346D) T2191C
   T1110C (M350T) T3664C
   G1838A (E593K) A5152G
   C1846T T5749A
   T1920C (F630S) G6533A (D2158N)
   A1954C (K631N)  
TAHV/68/FR-clb No changes No changes No changes
TAHV/84/CZ-clb C729T A2528G (K830E) G1520T (D487Y)
   T4468C A2755G
   C4469T T4321C
  1. a Genetic comparison between TAHV/58/CZ-cl(1) and TAHV/58/CZ-cl(2).
  2. b Genetic comparison of uncloned parental virus and biologically cloned derivative.