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Figure 2

From: The preparation of an infectious full-length cDNA clone of Saffold virus

Figure 2

The termination of the transcription from pSAF404 caused by the PTH signal. A. RNAs synthesized from cDNA clones. Transcripts synthesized by Thermo T7 RNA polymerase from pSAF404 (lanes 1 and 5, arrow head) were shorter than the full-length RNA transcripts synthesized from pDAFL3, which is the infectious cDNA clone of DA strain of TMEV (lane 2). However, full-length RNAs were synthesized from pSAF404 (lane 3) and pDAFL3 (lane 4) by CUGA 7 RNA polymerase. Full-length RNAs were also synthesized by Thermo T7 RNA polymerase from the deletion mutants of the PTH signal; delPTH2 (lane 6) and delPTH5 (lane 7). B. PTH signal in the genome of JPN08-404. An underline indicates the conserved (bold) and T-rich sequences related to the PTH signal. 2601 is the number of nucleotides. C. The mutations to delete the PTH signal. Bold letters indicate mutations. These mutations do not change the amino acid sequences. D. Cytopathic effect induced by the infection of cDNA-derived virus. Right panel: cDNA-derived JPN08-404 virus infection; left panel: mock infection.

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