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Table 3 Comparison of insertions/deletions within the nonpathogenic Spanish 6918 myxoma virus strain and Danish clinical samples

From: Detection of myxoma viruses encoding a defective M135R gene from clinical cases of myxomatosis; possible implications for the role of the M135R protein as a virulence factor

   Country of origin/sample
   ES***1 DK2 DK DK DK DK  
Locus Lausanne (wt) Strain 6918 (mut) 7889 8605 8620 8773 8770 Cunivak
M135R TGTGGGGGTG TGTGGGGG G TG (+G) mut mut mut mut wt wt
M009L TCCATCGACATCCA TC-CA (-CATCGACATC) wt wt wt wt wt n.d.*
M036L ACCCCCAGT ACCCCCCAGT (+C) wt wt wt wt wt n.d.*
M148R ACCCCCCTTC ACCC-CCTTC (-C) wt wt wt wt wt ** wt**
M138L/M139R ATTTTTTTTGTG ATTT-TTTTGTG (-T) mut mut mut mut wt wt
M153R/M154R CTTTTTTTTAAC CTTT-TTTTAAC (-T) wt wt wt wt wt mut
  1. * n.d. = not determined since no PCR product was obtained
  2. ** two separate single point mutations within this coding sequence were observed, one of which was common to the sequences of the Cunivak and 8770 samples.
  3. *** data from [14]
  4. 1: ES = Spain
  5. 2: DK = Denmark