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Table 1 Collection and sample processing dates for G-series samples

From: Shedding of soluble glycoprotein 1 detected during acute Lassa virus infection in human subjects

Sample ID Date of collection Date processed Comments rAg status Sample storage temperature
G079-3 16-Jan-08 December 2009 Expired NP, GP1 +10°C to -5°C, fluctuating w/power availability at KGH LFL
G090-2 01-Feb-08   Discharged   
G090-3 02-Feb-08    NP (WB)  
G106-1 19-Feb-08   Discharged   
G153-1 07-May-08   Expired   
G165-1 15-May-08   Expired   
G193-1 16-Jun-08   Expired NP (ELISA)  
G327-2 17-Dec-08   Discharged NP (ELISA), GP1  
G337-1 12-Jan-09   Not admitted   
G408-2 12-Feb-09   Discharged   
G418-11 22-Jul-09   Follow-up   
G443-12 Apr-09   Follow-up   
G540-4 May-09   Discharged   
G543-3 24-Jun-09   Discharged   
G548-1 21-Jun-09   Expired   
G551-3 28-Jun-09   Discharged   
G579-1 13-Jul-09   Expired   
G583-1 16-Jul-09   Discharged NP (ELISA), GP1  
G590-1 24-Jul-09   Expired   
G598-2 19-Aug-09   Not admitted   
G610-1 27-Aug-09   Discharged   
G610-3 * 03-Sep-09    GP1  
G617-1 15-Sep-09   Discharged   
G645-2 24-Oct-09   Discharged   
G652-3 02-Nov-09   Discharged NP (ELISA, ±)  
G676-A Dec-09   Contact of G676 GP1  
G692-1 31-Dec-09 April 2010 Expired NP (ELISA, WB), GP1, GP2 -20°C, consistent temperature, power supplied by solar panel array 24 hours/day
G693-1 31-Dec-09   Expired   
G706-1 07-Jan-10   Discharged NP (ELISA)  
G753-1 27-Jan-10   Discharged NP (ELISA)  
G755-1 * 27-Jan-10   Not admitted GP1  
G756-1 27-Jan-10   Discharged NP (ELISA,±)  
G762-1 29-Jan-10   Expired NP (ELISA, WB), GP1, GP2  
G765-1 06-Feb-10   Unknown outcome NP (ELISA, WB), GP1, GP2  
G771-1 08-Feb-10   Expired NP (ELISA)  
G784-1 17-Feb-10   Expired NP (ELISA)  
G787-1 18-Feb-10   Unknown outcome NP (WB, ±)  
G793-1 24-Feb-10   Discharged   
G795-1 25-Feb-10   Unknown outcome   
G802-1 25-Feb-10   Discharged   
G803-1 25-Feb-10   Discharged NP (ELISA)  
G803-2 27-Feb-10   Discharged NP (ELISA)  
G804-1 26-Feb-10   Discharged   
G806-1 25-Feb-10   Expired   
G808-1 27-Feb-10   Discharged NP (ELISA)  
BOM011 Apr-10   Healthy volunteer   
BOM019 Apr-10   Healthy volunteer