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Table 2 List of miRNAs studied by either northern hybridization or RT-PCR but were not highlighted in the heat map.

From: MicroRNA profiling of tomato leaf curl new delhi virus (tolcndv) infected tomato leaves indicates that deregulation of mir159/319 and mir172 might be linked with leaf curl disease

miRNA Target Function References
miR166 HD-ZIP TFs Leaf development [20]
miR395 ATP Sulfurylase; Sulfate metabolism Environmental stress response [7, 23]
miR167 ARF TFs Plant development and hormone signaling [50]
miR164 NAC domain TFs; CUC1 and CUC2 Leaf development and hormone signaling [18, 21]
miR399 Ubiquitin conjugating enzyme Phosphate metabolism [34]