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Table 1 Characterization of reassortant viruses.

From: Genetic modification of Bluetongue virus by uptake of "synthetic" genome segments

virus Genotyping on S7 amplicona Genotyping on S10 ampliconb BTV6 serotype specific PCRc BTV8 serotype specific PCRd
BTV8/net06 8 8 - +
BTV6/net08 6 6 + -
BTV6/net08/S78 8 6 + -
BTV6/net08/S108 6 8 + -
  1. a. S7 amplicons were digested with BglII and PstI and compared to that of the parental strains, see also figure 2, lanes 8 and 9. b. S10 amplicons were sequenced and compared to sequences of parental strains BTV8/net06 and BTV6/net08. Genetic serotyping by serotype-specific real-time PCR-assays was performed for serotypes 6 (c) and 8 (d). Presence or absence of a Cp-value was interpreted as + and -, respectively.